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Use Alidade to create a plan for finding technology tools that suit your social change project.

Alidade - Choosing technology is hard, in a galaxy of options

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Built on in-depth research in Kenya and South Africa.
Designed for activists and social change organisations everywhere.

There are lots of tech options to choose from.

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Alidade helps you plot a path to the right choice.

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  1. Step 1: Understand your needs Understand your needs
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Alidade Project Paper!

Read our six-rule summary for choosing tech

Based on our research, six tips and six questions to lead you to a better choice.

Read about the research Alidade was built on

Result of a 2-year research project with activists in Kenya and South Africa.

Who made this

In 2015-16, The Engine Room, Pawa254 and the Network Society Lab conducted an 18-month research project into how Kenyan and South African organisations choose digital technology tools for transparency and accountability projects. To make the findings as practical as possible, we created Alidade.
The project was supported by Making All Voices Count.

the engine room
Tom Walker - The Engine Room

Tom Walker is a research lead at The Engine Room, an international organisation that helps activists, organisations and other social change agents make the most of technology and data to increase their impact.

network society lab
Indra de Lanerolle - Network Society Lab

Indra de Lanerolle leads The Network Society Project, which conducts research on the Internet and its effects on society in South Africa and other African countries. It is based at the Journalism and Media programme at the University of Witwatersrand.

the engine room
Tom Walker - The Engine Room

Sasha Kinney provides research and support for creative activism, civic tech, citizen journalism, grassroots organizing and social movements in Kenya.

Creators of Alidade

Alan Zard - LEVEL73

Alan Zard
Web Dev

Ivana Bugarinovic

Ivana Bugarinovic

Maya Richman

Maya Richman
Web Ops

Ozren Muic

Ozren Muic
UX UI Design

Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller
UX Research

Tin Geber

Tin Geber
Tech Lead

Special thanks to contributors

Amy O'Donnell

Amy O'Donnell
Oxfam GB

Laura Walker McDonald

Laura Walker McDonald

Dirk Slater

Dirk Slater